Linen tows are natural products of the highest quality. To be used with sealing pastes for sealing thread couplings. We offer braid, hank and spool tows.


  • Natural product, high quality, made of thin brushed linen

  • Need to be used with sealing paste

  • For sealing couplings in which the temperature of work doesn’t exceed 130˚C

Flax fibre

Flax fiber is a  natural product of the highest quality to be used together with the sealing paste. Flax fiber is available in the form of braid, yarn and spool.


Name Weight Catalogue number
Flax fiber
(packed in plastic bags)
50 g 70310050
100 g 70310100
200 g 70310200
500 g 70310500
Flax yarn 100 g 70311100
Flax spool 40 g 70311040
80 g 70311080
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