Sealing materials


 LUXTAPE sealing tapes

LUXTAPE sealing tapes are made of 100% PTFE.

LUXTAPE can be used to seal threaded connections made of metal or plastic for installations such as:

  • drinking water,
  • hot water,
  • central heating,
  • gas,
  • hydraulic,
  • cooling,
  • ventilation,
  • compressed air,
  • and many others.

PTFE has very high resistance to temperature and depending on the density of the product it can withstand temperatures ranging from -200 ° C to +260 ° C.

Article name Article number
Tape Luxtape UNI (blue) 12m x 12mm x 0,075mm 70111001
Tape Luxtape MIDI (green) 12m x 12mm x 0,1mm 70111002
Tape Luxtape Maxi (red) 12m x 12mm x 0,1mm 70111003
Tape Luxtape PROFESSIONAL 10m x 19mm x 0,2mm 70111004
Tape Luxtape PROFESSIONAL 15m x 19mm x 0,2mm 70111005
Tape Luxtape MULTIGAS (yellow) 12m x 12mm x 0,1 mm 70111006
Flax fibre

Flax fiber is a  natural product of the highest quality to be used together with the sealing paste. Flax fiber is available in the form of braid, yarn and spool.


Name Weight Catalogue number
Flax fiber
(packed in plastic bags)
50 g 70310050
100 g 70310100
200 g 70310200
500 g 70310500
Flax yarn 100 g 70311100
Flax spool 40 g 70311040
80 g 70311080
Silicon sealing tape

Silicon sealing tape is a universal sealing tape to be used for hydraulic connections. It replaces traditional methods and provides fast, secure and reliable sealing for a long time. Fast and safe to use, economical, compact, ensures  cleanliness, has numerous certificates.

Application (according to UNI EN 751/2 A / ARP):

water systems: pressure up to 16 bar at. 95°C and a pressure of  7 bar at. 130°C


All metals including stainless steel, and all plastics, including rigid PVC, which according to DIN 8061, requires cylindrical tapered threads.

Contact with liquids:

drinking water and water for heating, water vapor, methane, LPG, diluted alkalis and acids.

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