About company

AGAflex is a manufacturing and trading company founded in 2009

operating in Poland and in many other countries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe.
Starting the company was based on years of experience gained in the installation industry.

AGAflex is entirely Polish company

mainly producing maintenance and repair connectors. Self couplers and repair clamps are basic, but not the only products offered by the company. Over the last few years new complementary products have been introduced and we are continuously expanding our product range.
In addition to the established targets and  continuous expansion of its product range, AGAflex is trying to obtain the favor of their customers paying special attention to quality of service.
Meeting our customers expectations and caring for the business contacts is one of the most crucial factors of company strategy.
Business in a demanding competitive  environment requires a lot of strength, energy, knowledge and experience.
The characteristics are  now fully invested in  AGAflex company. We hope this will result in meeting our customers’ expectations, to which we are looking forward to.

Board and staff